SWC is the only place where I can come and feel that people truly understand what I am going through. The support and advice I get here has really helped me get through some tough times. I consider these women my friends.


Signing up with the Café

Thanks for considering the Café! We'd like to take a few moments to explain about our site and our signup procedures.

Our site is different from many other web sites you've visited. We have customized our software specifically for the needs of our members. Many people ask the questions we've detailed below. You may also want to take a look at our two FAQs, the non-member FAQ and the member faq.

Whether you're looking for practical advice on dealing with your stepkids, need a place to vent, or just need a good laugh, we have the forums for you.

How much does it cost?

Membership is free of charge! However, we reserved some of our features as "perks" for those who have donated to keep our services running. You can get more information about this after your membership is approved.

What information must I provide?

One of our most important goals is to provide a safe place for stepmoms and second wives to discuss their issues. Some of our members have to deal with their husband's vindictive ex-wife or another person who may violate their privacy. Whether or not this applies to you, we do have a screening process which you must complete before you will be allowed access to the Café forums.

This screening process varies depending on the information you provide. We hand-screen all applications. We almost always phone-verify new applications. Sometimes we request photo identification.

If you're concerned about how we use this information, you might want to check out our privacy policy. We will never disclose membership information to thirdparties without excellent cause, such as a judge requiring us to do so (however, in nearly 11 years of continuous operation, this has never happened).

What's in there?

We are the largest, most active, secure website for second wives or stepmoms. There are other forums, one big difference is that we hand-verify each applicant. This helps to keep out people you don't want reading your posts. We have forums addressing all the needs of a second wife or stepmom. You might want to check out our list of forums so you can get a good idea of what is available. We are a very active community. As of right now, we have 398 members, with 12 members signed on in the past 24 hours. We have members from all over the globe, including all 50 US states, and several from other countries, so you can be assured you'll find someone who is understanding to your situation.

No way! My situation is horrible!

That's one of the reasons we are here. We thought our situation was bad, and it really was. You might want to take a look at my founder autobiography or member testimonials for more specifics. A random member testimonial will be featured on the right side of each signup page. There should be one over there now!

Lets get started!

The first information we need is your email address. Depending on the type of email address you provide, our member verification system will make a few choices based on how anonymous the mail address is. Therefore, if you have both a Yahoo address and one from your ISP, choose the one from your ISP for a quicker approval.

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