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Where to send your photo ID

In order to protect our current members, we need to further verify your identity. You can take any of the following actions to approve your account:
  1. Send us a photocopy of your photo identification by postal mail to: The Second Wives Cafe, c/o Kim Zoski, 65 Bunny Rd, Preston, CT 06365. Please make sure you include your prospective member name; or
  2. Send us a fax of your photo identification to (815) 346-3311. Again, please remember to include your member name on the fax; or
  3. Send us $1 with your credit card or paypal account. To do that, click here. Your email address must match the address you pay from. We will credit your goodies balance with the $1 so you can get an avatar for your posts right away, or email us to request a refund.
  4. Provide us with an email address from a paid mail service provider other than AOL or MSN.