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Who we are

I am just a regular mom. I'm not a psychologist or social worker; I don't have a radio show or a bestselling book. I am a second wife. I am a stepmom. I love my husband, but I must tell you, being a second wife and stepmother is the most difficult thing I have ever done.

This site was started because I know I am not the only one. I've created this online home for others in our situation: second wives, stepmoms, wives and girlfriends of widowers. No one will understand what you're going through like another second wife or stepmom.

This site is all about you. It's about the daily emotional struggles &emdash; and joys &emdash; of trying to deal with the hardest jobs you'll ever have: being a second wife and a stepmother.

About the founder

Mary Kuris

Mary lives in California, where she works as a web designer. She's been married for more than ten years and has one son from her first marriage. She was a custodial stepmom to two stepsons, who are now grown and living on their own.

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