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Spritz or cookie press recipe?

Erin WalkerEvery Other Friday

by Erin Walker

"As stepmothers, every other Friday night can be something to dread or something to embrace," writes Erin, who is both a custodial AND a non-custodial stepmom. She shares tips for making visitation and transition time easier for everyone.

Tammy FletcherWhen the Saints Go Marching In: Living in the Shadow of an Angel

by Tammy Fletcher

"Only the good die young."

No one understands this phrase better than the wife of a widower. Chances are she has heard it time and time again throughout her courtship and marriage. Friends, family members, and even her spouse may comment on the many virtues of his late wife and their marriage. This can escalate to the point of creating a saint-like image, and, to a new wife, it can become overwhelming. Why does this happen, and how can WOWs cope when living in the shadow of the late wife's seemingly flawless memory?

a Cafe memberDear Next Wife

by a Cafe member

Inspired by a thread on our Wives of Widowers forum, an anonymous Cafe member wrote this funny, sweet letter to pass on to her husband's next wife, should Ree happen to die.

stchoubMaking HER Home Into YOUR Home

by stchoub

Purify, redecorate, and thoroughly disinfect the former marital home -- while spending quality time with your best girlfriends -- with these tips from Cafe member stchoub!

Sabrina SteeleOvernight Parent: What I Learned in My First Year as a Stepmom

by Sabrina Steele

Having a relationship with a man who has children has been one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of my life. It’s not comparable to any other relationship I’ve had. He was able to love deeper and understand better from the get-go because he already knew how to be selfless from raising two amazing little girls and co-parenting. But along with that came complications that other relationships never had—every decision needed to be thoughtful and the girls were at the forefront.

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