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QueenOfEverythingCourt Date? What to Wear: How to Make the Best Impression on the Judge

by QueenOfEverything

You've spent weeks preparing the documents, hours researching online. You have stacks of evidence, reams of paperwork. You finally feel prepared, like you've got all your ducks in a row. You are ready for court. There is only one question remaining. . . . WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR???

Tammy FletcherWhen the Saints Go Marching In: Living in the Shadow of an Angel

by Tammy Fletcher

"Only the good die young."

No one understands this phrase better than the wife of a widower. Chances are she has heard it time and time again throughout her courtship and marriage. Friends, family members, and even her spouse may comment on the many virtues of his late wife and their marriage. This can escalate to the point of creating a saint-like image, and, to a new wife, it can become overwhelming. Why does this happen, and how can WOWs cope when living in the shadow of the late wife's seemingly flawless memory?

Teresa PaprockThe Exceedingly Complex Role of the Stepmom

by Teresa Paprock

The role of the stepmother is the most complicated and demanding one in any blended family. Paprock writes,

A stepmom can get whiplash trying to negotiate her way around competing interests and attempting to find a path through veritable mazes of paradox. Stepmoms often have all of the responsibilities of parenting (think: cooking, cleaning, laundry) but none of the legal rights. Stepmoms may constantly be trying to find the middle ground between being a child's pal and being a disciplinarian. Those who feel no love for their stepchildren are seen as cold; those who do can be accused of "trying to take the place of the biological mother."

stchoubMaking HER Home Into YOUR Home

by stchoub

Purify, redecorate, and thoroughly disinfect the former marital home -- while spending quality time with your best girlfriends -- with these tips from Cafe member stchoub!

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