Setting Healthy Boundaries 

About Nicole Weyant

Nicole L. Weyant, author of Striving for Peace: Managing Conflict in Non-Custodial Homes and founder of, is a second wife, mother of two daughters, and stepmother to her husband's two sons.

Nikki's life-long "school of hard knocks" education in the intricacies of custodial and non-custodial relationships lends insight to the special needs of the non-custodial parent and the children they love.

Through her ongoing work as a freelance writer and political activist for non-custodial parents' rights, Nicole makes it her life's work to raise awareness of the struggles of the non-custodial family.

Nicoles's book, Striving for Peace, has just been scheduled for release as a paperback. Meanwhile, it's available online, at


Reproduced with permission by Nicole Weyant, copyright ©2001 Weyant Press